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What's Brewing - Grab a brew and take a few

Love beer? Us too! Get your taste buds ready as we've got some exciting beers fresh out of our brewery just for you!

Beers from our main brewery

Our Head Brewer, Jon and the team brew on two different brewery kits here at Everards Meadows. Our main brewery is used to brew all our beers that you know and love from our iconic Tiger Ale to our very popular craft beer, American Pale. Our small batch brewery is where we brew exclusives that are initially only available in our Beer Hall and for sale in our shop, but if you tell us that you love them, then we’ll scale them up so they can become available for you to enjoy down your local too!

So, what's coming to a bar near you?

Out now and undoubtedly one of your favourite beers is Tighthead which returns for the Six Nations – in fact last year you drank the bars dry before the tournament was over! So make sure you enjoy a pint quickly this year as once it’s gone, it's gone!

California Common is our brewer Eloise's creation. Eloise grew up on the West Coast and loves the toasted malt and caramel flavours of ‘steam beers’. Eloise has brewed our version with lager yeast at ale fermentation temperatures to give you a beer loaded with a fragrant hop aroma and a slight caramel edge, for laid-back supping!

Cast No Shadow is an exciting new stout from Everards. In fact, if you’ve visited us at our Beer Hall you may have enjoyed our tank version. Well, lots of you have been asking if you can enjoy it down your favourite local so the team have created a craft version for you to enjoy. A smooth, drinkable stout, perfect for sipping whilst reminiscing with friends.
Tighthead, California Common and Cast No Shadow Stout pump clips

Our small batch creations

Our small batch brewery is a wonderful space where we create our Beer Hall exclusives and trial our beers on a smaller scale before releasing them to our pubs. Our smaller brewery produces around 10 casks or kegs so you can only get these at our Beer Hall and shop at Everards Meadows.

Our newest offerings on the bar is our Walnut Stout and Harlequin Pale Ale.

Walnut Stout is a cracking beer, brewed by our brewer Stu. We roasted 10 kilos of walnuts in our beer hall kitchen then smashed them into pieces and incorporated these into the mash which filled the brewery with a delicious popcorn aroma. Dark malts of black, coffee and chocolate have been layered to give a depth of rich, roasted character alongside a generous helping of lactose to give a smooth, creamy body with added sweetness.

Also new on the bar is our winning beer Harlequin, brewed by our Head Brewer Jon and the IBD young brewers as our entry and voted as the winner in the Battle of the beers competition against Molson Coors.

We welcomed a team of 10 young brewers who brewed this beer with the Harlequin hop. An easy drinking ale full of biscuit and summer fruit character. Its a light, refreshing beer with a moreish bitterness.

IBD young brewers taking a break from brewing the winning Harlequin beer.

Coming very soon is 'Time for a brew' which is brewed with real tea leaves to create an easy drinking lower strength beer. We’ve used Earl Grey and jasmine tea leaves to create this delicate flavoured beer.

3 new beers we'd love feedback on...

Walnut Stout, Harlequin and Time for A Brew pump clips

Tell us which you loved best and share your pics 
@everards1849 or #everards or leave a comment below.


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