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 Friends enjoying pizza and beer

It's National Pizza Day, so there's no better excuse to enjoy the classic combination of pizza and beer!

Pizza and beer work in perfect harmony, for a start, it uses three of the same ingredients that are used to brew beer (yeast, water and some form of gluten) but to enjoy the experience at its best, its worth really considering which beer you match your favourite toppings with. So, step away from your go-to lager and instead reach for a change of style, from citrus-like pale ales, to in-your-face IPA’s through to full bodied porters. Think lighter beers with lighter pizzas and heavier beers for heartier flavours and you won’t go far wrong.

We have popped together some of our favourite beer and pizza combinations that will have your taste buds going. By pairing the right beer with the right topping you can really take those delicious flavours to another level, that will have you reaching for another slice! Thank us later!

Meat Feast

A heavily loaded meat pizza offers lots of strong flavours piled on one another, so this certainly needs a big, flavoursome beer that can cut through and compliment the smokiness in the meat flavours. One of our favourite choices to reach for is a darker, smokier beer such a German-style Rauchbier or Innis and Gunn Smokin’ Gunn.

Ham and Pineapple

Whether you love or hate pineapple on a pizza you can’t deny that it’s still a global crowd pleaser! The harmonising flavours of the sweet, tropical flavours in this pizza up by pairing it with a pale ale such as Everards American Pale, the citrus character works well alongside the meat making an interesting combination and the zesty carbonation cutting through the sweetness in the fruit. 


When you enjoy an array of veggie toppings on a pizza you are tasting all of those delicate flavours working together. As to not overpower them its best to opt for a lighter beer. An Everards Sunchaser makes the perfect choice as it has delicate citrus and honey notes which lift the flavours with a touch of sweetness.

Spicy Chicken

A flavoursome spicy pizza needs something that’s big enough to counteract and tear through the heat meaning that you can’t go wrong with a seriously hoppy IPA. A fresh and hoppy pale ale will also cleanse your palate between bites! Why not try a Lagunitas IPA, a highly balanced and super drinkable India Pale Ale loaded with citrus hop flavour and balanced with a bit of caramel malt.

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