Minicasks and Minikegs

Minicasks are filled by our brewers with fresh beer directly from our cellar, so they have a shorter shelf life of just 6 weeks from the day of being packaged. Casks have been used for hundreds of years and are used to hold non-carbonated beers. They will need to be kept chilled on receipt of delivery and then settled for at least 24 hours before opening as they contain a small amount of sediment. Once opened they should be enjoyed within 2-3 days.

Minikegs are used to hold pressurised beers, such as lager, IPA and even our Tiger beer! These beers have been carbonated and filtered to destroy any leftover yeast and to preserve a 3 month shelf life from the day of being packaged. We’ve even add a small gas canister inside the lid so it will stay fresh in your fridge for up to 30 days once opened.  The beer can be served as soon as the container is opened. Simply chill, pour and enjoy – cheers!

Minicasks & Minikegs