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Our flavoursome and refreshing American Pale Ale is for those looking for a real craft beer flavour and has quickly become a popular choice on the bar!

It was the first beer our Head Brewer Jon created when he joined us in 2020. With the excitement of a new brewery in our mist, and our new creative head brewer at its helm, we set Jon the challenge to help us take the leap into the brewing of craft beer styles to compliment and enhance our traditional cask offerings that has taken centre stage during our 170-year history.

And that’s when our American Pale Ale was born and marked the beginning of a new era in our story by cementing much loved, modern vibrant beer styles on the bar in our own pubs.

Did you know?
The American pale ale beer style was actually inspired by English pale ale? The difference was the American style substituted the earthy English hop varieties with generous additions of American varieties creating a lighter ale, bursting with bold citrus and pine character and toasted maltiness.

American pale ale has fast become a popular beer style across the UK, and is one of the most food-friendly styles to enjoy with just about anything, thanks to the simplicity of its ingredients and the American hops that tease out flavours in your favourites dishes and work to cleanse your palate, encouraging you to take another bite.

Our version is packed with three American hop varieties that give it an awesome fruity punch for a full-on zesty flavour.

To keep you lucky lot happy, not only can you find your new favourite American Pale Ale across our pubs and on the bar at our Beer Hall, you can also pick it up in cans or our handy 5 litre minikeg, to share with friends at parties, barbecues and days out.

What the beer fans are saying:

"Oodles of Zesty, Pithy Citrus Peel, Hoppy Pine and Sweet Biscuity Malt all hitting the spot on the nose and tongue. The Mouthfeel is Thin to Medium bodied and beautifully dry, crisp and refreshing. The finish is Hoppy and Piney with a wonderful Bittersweet Twang from Bitter Citrus Peel giving way to a Sweet Maltiness that is everything you want from a great Pale Ale. This is a straight up classic, no frills and bloody lovely stuff!"

Craig Johnson


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