5 must have beers for your BBQ this summer!

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Beer Pairing - BBQ & Beer

Time to get out the barbi cos it’s going to be a hot one! With the temperatures soaring to around 24 degrees this weekend, its time to get out the barbeque, round up your friends and neighbours and crack open the beers!

Our Beer Sommelier Claire says “Have you ever had the same meal with a different beer and noticed just how different it can taste? Different pairings bring either complimenting or contrasting qualities to your favourite barbecue foods to deliver the best flavour combinations. So, whether you reach for chicken, sausages, burgers or veggie’s then I guarantee there’s a beer that will pair perfectly with each one”.

Fire up the wings

The delicate flavour in chicken asks for a sauce with a kick. Smother in a buffalo sauce and pair with a beer that packs a punch. Reach for an American Pale or New World IPA which has a fruity and  a hoppy character to cleanse and refresh the palate between each spicy bite.

American Pale and New World IPA is available in 330ml cans and 5 litre minikegs.

Throw another shrimp on the barbie

Fish tastes great, fresh off the barbecue. A lighter offering needs a beer to complement its delicate flavours. Golden Hop is the perfect choice, brewed with four varieties of hops. Its fresh citrus flavours are just like squeezing a wedge of fresh lemon over your plate. Perfect to devour together.

Golden Hop is available in 500ml bottles and cases of 12.

This is un-burger-lievable

A burger lends itself to a range of different beers. You could go classic with a Tiger where the toffee notes in the beer bring a contrasting sweetness to the meat or if you like a more robust offering then our Irish Red will work wonders. A maltier beer with a caramel sweetness complements the smokiness in the meat, this is one of our favourite combos.

Tiger is available in 500ml bottle and 5 litre minikegs. Irish Red (Limited Edition) is available in 5 litre minicasks.

Veggie Delights

A corn on the cob or courgette make the perfect yummy addition to a barbecue, these delicate flavours don’t want to be overpowered. A delicate ale is therefore the perfect partner so try Sunchaser, with its light delicate flavour of subtle honey and lemon it harmonises perfectly and its vegan friendly in bottle too!

Sunchaser is available in 500ml bottles (veggie friendly) and 5 litre minicask.

Get Saucy

Accompany your barbecue with a delicious Old Original Cheese Sauce, served in our Beer Hall and enjoyed smothered over burgers it’s made with our indulgent Old Original Ruby Ale.

Here's a great recipe to try...

Makes 700g


45g         Butter
45g         Plain flour
120ml     Old Original
170g       Rutland Red or Red Leicester cheese
60g         Double cream
240ml     Milk
1            Garlic clove
Pinch     Cayenne pepper
Pinch     Salt
Pinch     Pepper
Splash   Worcestershire sauce 


  1. Melt the butter on a low heat and add the garlic and pepper.
  2. Add flour to the butter and cook until golden to make the roux.
  3. Add the beer, cream and milk slowly into the roux.
  4. Cook out until you no longer taste the flour or bitterness from the beer
  5. Fold in cheese and Worcestershire sauce.
  6. Season to taste.

 Old Original is available in 500ml bottles and 5 litre minikegs

Get the beers in ready for the weekend!

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People enjoying a bbq Corn on the cob Burger with cheese and bacon


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