Sunchaser Minikeg

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Enjoy Sunchaser anywhere in this handy 5 litre 'Perfect Pour' minikeg which holds 8.8 pints and bring a bit of zest to your celebrations.

Sunchaser is a refreshing zesty beer that pairs great with lighter dishes and fish dishes, like the classic prawn cocktail starter – this beer will enhance the flavours and really bring it to life!

What's different about our minikeg?  Firstly, it has a top lever to dispense the beer so you can almost feel like you're pouring from a pub tap!  The addition of a small gas canister inside means you'll get a great pint every time and it will stay fresh in your fridge for up to 30 days.  Simply chill, pour and enjoy – cheers!

We looked further afield in Europe to find just the right hops and malt to create Sunchaser's subtle flavours. It’s a real easy drinker and great for cleansing the palate with its fresh flavour.

  • Allergen information: contains barley and wheat
  • 1.1 UK units per half pint
  • ABV 4.0%

Ensure you chill the minikeg prior to opening.  Full instructions are printed on the minikeg and please ensure you push the small lever which pierces the gas fully and in one, swift movement.  Finally once this has been done, chill and leave for a little longer to ensure you get that perfect pour.

You can also check with your local Everards pub as many stock our minikegs! 

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