Session IPA No.3 Minicask

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Packed with all the flavour of a traditional IPA, at a lower strength!

Bursting with flavour, you’ll get everything you’d expect and a whole lot more from our limited edition beer Session IPA No.3.

Different to our usual minikegs, these minicasks are filled by our brewers with fresh beer directly from our cellar. So fresh, they are best before 16th November. Once opened they should be enjoyed within three days. They are the same size as our mini kegs containing 5 litres/8.8 pints of beer.

Golden in colour, this beer is brewed with three varieties of hops and has a bold citrus and grassy aroma. You’ll taste mouth-watering juicy fruit flavours of grapefruit and watermelon, with a hint of refreshing lemon.

Session IPA No.3 is a 4.4% ABV beer and has a distinct bitterness alongside a pronounced sweetness which harmonises the flavours in the ale.

This beer is part of our limited edition range which we have made available in minicasks, so you can enjoy this fruity ale at home. Order yours today, whilst stocks last!

  • Alergen: Barley

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