Golden Hop Minicask

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A firm favourite in Everards pubs, Golden Hop is a refreshing and zesty golden ale. Brewed with four varieties of hops for a bold hop flavour, you can expect a juicy grapefruit flavour, a zesty lemon aroma and a moreish, dry finish.

Lower in strength, at 3.5% ABV, it’s the perfect beer sessionable beer that doesn’t compromise on flavour and is a perfect choice for golden ale or hoppy beer lovers.

Tastes great with burgers, spicy chicken dishes and loaded pizza’s.

• Allergen information: contains barley, wheat and oaks
• 1 UK units per half pint
• ABV 3.5%

Different to our usual minikegs, these are filled by our brewers with fresh beer directly from our cellar, so they have a shorter shelf life.

So fresh, they are best before 23rd October 2020. Once opened they should be enjoyed within three days. They are the same size as our minikegs containing 5 litres/8.8 pints of beer.

They need to be kept chilled on receipt of delivery and then settled for at least 24 hours before opening as there may be a small amount of sediment. It needs treating with the same care and attention we’ve taken to brew it so please be gentle when moving and pouring it.

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