Salty Dog Crisps (Box of 30) Short Dated

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CLEARANCE - See Best Before Dates Below

Box of 30 x 40g packets

It is the extra love and care that Salty Dog lavish upon their pedigree potatoes that allows them to stand out from the crowd. They believe a pampered potato is a happy potato, so every spud has a relaxing rubdown before being diligently dunked in soothing sunflower oil, with its jacket left on. They then get handed over to their expert fryers to hand cook the potatoes to crunchy perfection. Lastly, their special feisty seasonings are massaged in to complete these deliciously tasty crisps.

Choose from:

Roasted Jalapeno (Best Before 2 January 2021)
Flame Grill Steak (Best Before 20 February 2021)
Sweet Chilli (Best Before 13 February 2021)
Salt & Vinegar (Best Before 20 February 2021)
Cheese & Onion (Best Before 27 February 2021)
Sea Salt (Best Before 20 February 2021)

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